The Treehouse

Young Adult

Memories can be a curse and a blessing, depending on what triggers them. Ben, Billy, Lonnie, and Sam spent most of their childhood moments together in their precious tree house. As they grew into adulthood, life sent them on different paths. Billy suffers a deep blow that sends him into the dark den of drug addiction. Ben and his mother feel that it’s their responsibility to look out for Lonnie, but again, life has something else laid out for poor Lonnie. Convincing Ben’s mother and Sam to keep his biggest secret from Ben, Lonnie tries hard to redeem himself. When Ben gets word about Billy’s near death experience, he travels to his mother’s house in an attempt to rescue Lonnie. Is it too late for Lonnie’s salvation? Will their childhood memories be a blessing or a curse?

Written in a sweet and fast pace, “The Treehouse” offers nothing but a basketful of twists and turns for any reader who picks it up for a joyful reading picnic. The author uses a back-and-forth approach in fetching scenes from the characters’ childhoods and combining them with their current reality, an aspect that takes the reader deeper into their minds. The themes projected throughout the book, friendship, loyalty, family, and coping with grief, give a very realistic feel. Though the ending seems quite abrupt and a tad rushed, this short and thought-provoking read is perfect for any reader who seeks to learn more about the true, yet subtle, meaning of life. For the very emotional reader, some tears will certainly fall. John Hilton is awesome at getting into a reader’s mind!

JM Lareen