Tortured Souls (The Orion Circle Book 1)

Kimber Leigh
Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Kassandra has been misunderstood her entire life. She knows her family has thought she is crazy; so much so that her mother couldn’t deal with it anymore and left the family two years ago. Kassandra has what she refers to as “abilities”. She is clairvoyant. Her friend Logan convinces her that it is a talent - and one that he shares. He invites her to be a member of the Orion Circle, a group that investigates hauntings, sightings of werewolves and vampires, and other paranormal oddities. They are drawn into the evil sights of a serial killer who has bonded the souls of his victims to the earth so they shall have no rest. It is up to the Orion Circle to free the souls of these children.

Good versus evil stories always put the reader on the edge of their seat because evil is so powerful. This is especially true when a story is written as beautifully as this! There are many close calls in this novel, taking the reader through all kinds of secret passages and hidden panels, which are always fun to discover. The young romance is sweet but not the main focus of the story. "Tortured Souls" is a coming of age tale where each of the young adults in the story comes to further accept their gifts and learn to control them for the good of others. A good, clean novel that is acceptable for all ages to read and enjoy, Ms. Wheaton has the beginnings of a blockbuster series on her hands!

Belinda Wilson