Tormented Soul

Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  When Kaden’s best friend Megan goes missing outside a night club Kaden is determined to find her, but only one man seems to know anything about the thugs who took her friend and Finley is reluctant to help. Refusing to give up, Kaden forces her way into the world of Fae and discovers nothing is what it seems and the struggle between the light and the dark fae has made Megan one of its victims. With Finley’s help, Kaden might have a chance to rescue Megan but they have to hurry because the clock is running out.


A dark paranormal read, this story is caught between YA and NA genres and gives Fae a different spin. Finley is living alone among humans and becomes involved with Kaden only at her insistence, while Kaden has something different about her that no one seems able to explain. Between the two of them the story is full of strange adventures combined with a fast pace as they track Megan. However, this is not a light-hearted tale and readers looking for such might wish to look elsewhere, especially as the story has a tendency to jump around a bit. The reader is left wanting to strangle certain characters and cry about others. The cliff hanger at the end will further leave readers desperate to read the next book if only so they can stop crying. Truly, this is a jarring tale.


*Warning: Contains dark psychological material.


Sarah E. Bradley