Reviews - Young Adult / New Adult

The Weatherboy 



PARANORMAL/SUSPENSE:  Reed Darby may not be your typical sixteen-year-old. After all an aspiring meteorologist who is obsessed with all things weather probably doesn’t factor into most teenage descriptions. Being considered a little strange is the least of his problems compared to the turn his life is about to take.

The Order of the Key

PARANORMAL:  Jacklyn had to grow up real fast when she lost her father at a young age. She took care of her sister while her mother worked to make a living.  Jacklyn is an outcast in school but enjoys running. One night while on a run, she is attacked by a creature and rescued by a team of teenager warriors led by Kyp. Jacklyn discovers her parents were both members of the Order of the Key.

HISTORICAL:  Arin, a blind girl, and her family are peaceful and content with their life when certain beings begin to disturn their peace with malevolence. The black gryphons, led by their power-thirsty leader, Cahal, are busy laying out their plans to vandalize all Irish villages where humans and gray gryphons live.

The Witches of Vegas

FANTASY:  From a very young age, Isis could make things happen… bad things. As a result, her foster parents are trying to kill her. Right when she is about to meet her maker, she is rescued by a man with similar powers. He takes her in and makes her a part of his coven, his family, and teaches her to use her powers.

The Haunted Purse

When Libby Dawson buys a denim purse at her local thrift store, strange things start happening. She soon discovers that her treasured new purse is haunted by a ghost; a ghost who wants her to solve a decades-old cold case. Soon Libby and her friend Toni are on the prowl for answers. But Libby has troubles of her own. She lives in the bad part of town and her mother is almost never around.