The Toadhouse Trilogy

Young Adult

*This Young Adult novel revolves around a world that is lived within the books themselves.*
Aine and her brother Spencer are living in rural Alabama with their Aunt Glori, leading a somewhat quiet existence, until the day the monster Biblos attacks the family. Their grandmother was always a bit strange and now the children are beginning to understand why. She isn't even their real grandmother! They now must  leave their life in the book and race to find three objects before the monster does. They are aided by a boy named Gilgamesh as he transports them from book to book in an enchanted toadhouse.
The title, “The Toadhouse Trilogy”, does not do justice to this enchanting fantasy!  
Ms. Lourey has a deep love for literature that shows in the way her characters feel about each other, as well as about the stories themselves. She takes the reader on a journey with  the siblings that continues through the  various works of literature to achieve her desired outcome. The mechanics in doing so are a bit jerky at times and the dialog a bit stilted but overall the reader feels that they have enjoyed a truly magical adventure!
Beth Chamberlain