Time Trap

Young Adult

SCI-FI:   From the moment Raylen is slammed to the earth with no memory, her life is not her own.  Chased by dark creatures intent on killing her, picked up as a delinquent by people she has never seen before, then ushered to a school she has never heard of.  Desperate to remember who she is and fighting just to stay alive, Raylen inadvertently gets sucked into a computer screen with two classmates. Falling again, but this time into a strange world where nothing makes sense and everything is dangerous, Raylen and her new found companions must learn fast or die faster. Soon they discover an entire community of children and adolescents. All who believe Raylen and her friends are the enemy who is killing them.  In order to survive, Raylen must prove she is innocent but how to do that when she doesn’t know if she is?

Throughout the first half of this story, the reader is just as confused as Raylen.  Nothing makes any sense. Once the characters land in the other sphere, the confusion only intensifies.  There are pages and pages of world building but no basis with which to understand or care about the world.  The characters are given no backstory that would allow the reader to care.  If one is persistant, though, the story does pick up nicely in the second half and buy the time the suspenseful end catapults onto the page, one will be completely and enthusiastically won over. Now the stage has been set, let the fun begin!


Ruth Lynn Ritter