For Time and Eternity

Young Adult


Jamie is a gifted healer with two big secrets:

1. She is actually a girl

2. She is Romany.


When both of those secrets are exposed after the death of her parents she is forced to run - to remain would mean becoming a slave. A few weeks into her travel to Lands End, she meets Derek, another young man in very similar circumstances. So begins an journey to the western continent, and on it they will meet family, friends and make a brand new life for themselves. 


 "For Time and Eternity" is an epic story set in a whole new world!  Jamie is a strong heroine, who, despite many obstacles, manages to survive and thrive. However, there were some issues with the book, not the least of which was the editing - there were many missing punctuation marks, making some sentences a bit hard to understand, while others make no sense at all. Another problem is Derek and Jamie's relationship - putting aside the fact that they call each other brother/sister even though they are wed, there is the added problem of their extremely young age when they got married and had children. Understandably, in that world it might not be as frowned upon, but from the perspective of a modern reader, it can be very uncomfortable. All in all, it's a story that showed a lot of promise and that would have, with some concerted editing and minor changes, made for a much more pleasing read! 


Ana Smith