Tide's Ghost of the Reversing World (Trilogy Two, Part I)

Young Adult

MIDDLE GRADE, PARANORMAL:  As the holder of the treasured map, Harper is a middle-grader who bears the weight of saving a secret world on her shoulders. Pasmaqon is being taken over by the darkness while it's Queen is gravely ill. Harper is followed by two of the worst bullies in school and now must enlist them into the fight against malicious creatures and a wizard who will not be easily defeated. They realize they must put away their animosity and fear and work together if they are to save Pasmaqon and survive. 


Entering into this mysterious fantasy world full of adventure is a middle-schooler’s dream! However, the reader is thrown into the story without being given enough information to completely grasp Harper's significance unless they have read the first book of the series.  Although getting glimpses of who she is, one is never fully allowed to know her and therefore never truly bonds but as she is very alone, a level of sympathy and understanding is felt. Her dealing with bullies is a special feature here that adds depth. The bullies are despicable but as they develop, they begin to redeem themselves. Entertaining elements such as a thrilling dragon ride with magical forests, creepy creatures and a 3D map are imaginative and make this story much fun over all!


Margaret Faria