Tides Across the Sea

Lu Ann
ISBN Number: 
Young Adult

HISTORICAL:  The young love of Cuban couple Manuela and Felipe is interrupted when Spanish explorer Cortez enters their village looking for sailors to join his crew. When Felipe is not chosen Manuela is relieved, but all her plans soon grind to a halt.  The local bully arranges for Manuela’s hand in marriage upon the expedition’s return and none of Manuela’s pleading will change her father’s mind. Felipe goes to the ship to confront the boy before Cortez sets sail, and is knocked unconscious. When he awakes, his life is set on a whole new course and he finds more adventure than he’d ever imagined.  

This YA novel is a good read for the 12-16 age range and is a beautiful coming of age and young love story. The author obviously did an extensive amount of research and it shows in the scenery, language and tone of the book. There is plenty of action, following not only the main couple but also a young slave girl in the palace of Montezuma. Both sides continue to build until the truth of Cortez’s expedition comes to a head. The resolution of the love triangle falls a little flat, but overall the romance is well-written age-appropriate. Other than some scenes of violence, there is nothing in the story parents might find offensive. Tides Across the Sea sends young readers deep into history and gives them a story they will find difficult to put down! 

Stephenia McGee