Thistle Inferno

Aaron Michael
Young Adult

Cavatica "Cavvy" Weller is returning from a cattle drive to find she is wanted by the police because her friend Micaiah Hoyt has the chalkdrive. The chalkdrive is a device much like a USB that holds the cure for the Sterility Epidemic. The Sterility Epidemic has resulted in nine out of ten males being sterile. The American Reproductive Knowledge Initiative ("ARK") does not want the cure to be discovered. Cavvy and Micah find themselves out in the wilds of Juniper with their crew. They are desperately trying to find a way across the Juniper which is made up of the old United States territories. They have to cross the Juniper to get the chalkdrive to the American public, or they will die — as Micah's father, Tiberius "Tibbs" Hoyt, hunts them down. 

“Thistle Inferno” is an action-packed western set in the future that will have one turning page after page! This book is the third in its series, but is great as a standalone. The title of the book  is appropriate for what happens — this is indeed an inferno. The author has created some fascinating technology and made the facts seem believable. This story is action-packed and moves at a swift pace which will invigorate the reader. However, the dialogue is not always distinctive from the narrative although one still gets a clear sense of what is going on. If looking for a fast-paced, action-packed story, readers will not need to look any further!

Jessica Samuelsen