The Third Key: A YA Urban Fantasy (The Alaesha Legacy Book 1)

Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Edith Myers is a studious high school student who doesn’t take any guff; especially from cheerleader Dana Blake, who is territorial when it comes to her boyfriend Alex. However, Alex makes quite an impression on Edith and, after she finds a key in the dirt by the benches, he finagles an invitation for Dana and himself to come over and discuss the discovery. In the midst of the get-together, Dana’s cousin, Charles, enters the picture. He sheds light on the origin of the key, which is the catalyst for life-changing events.


Set on Earth and in Alaesha, this imaginative story has the feel of a role-playing game campaign. Each end-of-chapter beckons the reader to come and turn the page. The author’s writing style allows each event to connect with the next fluidly. When the odd question does arise in the reader’s mind, it is quickly answered. The characters (many more than are mentioned here) have distinct personalities, which show through their actions. That they encounter the difficulties of life may elicit sympathy from the reader even though this setting is fantastic. Love is an element of the story, but the story itself encompasses so much more. Though there is not a loose end to be had, the author skillfully leaves room for continuation of the series.


Grab the first hot chocolate of the season and set aside a three-day weekend for this wonderful balance between everyday reality and creative fantasy!


Heather R. Nielsen