Things That Should Stay Buried

Casey L.
Young Adult

FANTASY: Twelve ruthless creatures are ripping their way from their tombs to reclaim the human world. They are known as the Zodia. These monsters vow to capture anyone born under their star sign and gain vengeance on Aries, the one that set them into their extensive and unwanted sleep. As people begin disappearing one by one, Larken, a 17-year-old human girl, runs to save her family from vanishing too. Little does she know that her brother is forcing Aries awake to make him bond to Larken for her survival. The Zodia, already enraged with him, vows to go after Aries’s mystical bond to the human girl. Aries and Larken are forced to work together to save themselves and the world, so naturally, sparks begin to fly, and an unexpected passion ignites between them. Will this newfound passion be the key to Larken’s survival, or will it lead to too many casualties to count?

This electrifyingly sensational novel full of subtle flames of sexual tension, nail-biting anticipation, alarmingly dangerous battle scenes, and thrilling twists, will throw a wrench in any reader’s weekend plans…prepare to be awed. The incredibly intricate plot is so full of unpredictable details, it will really have one cramming in as many words as possible. The short time span of the novel did slightly disrupt the flow; the reader may have to step back and wonder how all of this took place in just two weeks! The beautiful character development of Larken shines through the timeframe though: a transformation from a delicate damsel in distress to a magnificent force to be reckoned with-totally awesome! Plus, the sexy Aries and his protectiveness will make every reader swoon!

Austen Grace