Young Adult

FANTASY: When his father goes missing, Raymond Calvert embarks on a journey to get answers. Little did he know that this journey would bring him into a secret organization which has technology he could never have imagined. A secret society, the Teslanauts, use advance technology to keep the world safe. Raymond discovers that his father was a member of this organization and he joins it himself to get answers and do something important with his life. One great war has ended, and the Teslanauts must work quickly to prevent another which could mean the end of civilization as they know it. Will Raymond figure out what happened to his father while navigating this new environment? Or will he have to go the rest of his life with so many questions and no answers?

“Teslanauts” has an interesting concept and really grips onto the reader from the first page and refuses to let go! Teens and adults alike will be able to relate to Raymond and enjoy going through his journey with him as he discovers an underground world he had no idea existed. The plot moves at an even pace, and has an engaging storyline throughout. Matthew Donald has done his research when it comes to the period in which the book is set, with dialogue, descriptions, and setting being accurate. Each one has been thoroughly researched and written properly. Whether a fan of YA or history with a little futuristic technology thrown in, there is a lot to enjoy in “Teslanauts”.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick