A Taylor-Made Life

Young Adult

Losing one’s virginity at 18 isn’t so much to ask, is it?  Especially when you’re dying? Taylor Smith has leukemia and can’t find the rare donor who can save her. She’s not about to leave this life without experiencing all it has to offer, so she’s on a mission to find “the one” before her time is up.

Twenty-five year  old Gavin Taylor gets roped into a cancer mentoring program and has no time for it—in more ways than one. His oncologist has run out of ways to save his life and the professional he’s hired to find him a wife is coming up with nothing but duds. He doesn’t just want someone to take over his company, he wants at least one person in this cruel world who’ll miss him when he’s gone.


“A Taylor-Made Life” is not for the faint of heart! Readers need to know what they're getting into. It is a tremendously beautiful love story but it’s an easy ten-hanky. (Think Steel Magnolias without the comic relief of Olympia Dukakis and Shirley MacLaine.) The  only glitch was the steam and “language” levels didn’t seem to match and Gavin speaking to himself in gamer jargon seemed awkward. The subject matter is heart-wrenching but Rader treats it with care, reverence, and delicate beauty. The characters bring a tender reality to a subject that touches all of us. One of the best qualities of this novel is the desire it leaves in the heart of the reader to live each day to its fullest.


Sandy Ponton