To Tame a Wild Heart

Young Adult

Chancy Mallory can’t come to grips with her life – she can’t replace her dead brothers in her father’s affections, and she will never be the docile girl who stays home cooking and sewing.  Riding her horse, Bowie, Chancy feels that she’s found everything she wants in life until she meets Nick Stone.  Then she can’t stop thinking about his sky blue eyes. With Nick helping on the ranch, Chancy is relegated to women’s chores in the house, making her despise Nick more than ever.  However she can't stop wanting him.  Nick can’t help but notice how beautiful Chancy is...but she’s the ranch owner’s daughter and off limits.  As time passes by, distance and trials help them see clearly what they can live with and what they can't live without.

L.B. Shire pens a heartwarming story of a young girl with a passion for horses and the land, defying the conventions of her time.  Her romance with Nick is simple and pure, with a love of horses binding them together.  This is a sweet romance, with a predictable outcome.  The story would have benefited from editing, with numerous punctuation and grammatical errors.  Those aside, readers will fall in love with Chancy, and cheer for her and Nick, and will anxiously wait for the next chapters in their life together in Book Two.

Victoria Z. Burg