Tainted Rose (Rosehaven Academy Book #2)

Young Adult


Scarlett Miller’s start in a new school with a mysterious scholarship has been rocky, thanks to bullying Xander Grey, among other things. As she digs into her recently deceased mother’s past at Rosehaven Academy with her two best friends, Max and Daphne, she uncovers secrets she may not want to know. Xander seems to have insight into a handful of the truths hovering over Scarlett’s life, but he’s got to protect his family in any way he can—even if it means ignoring the constant pull of chemistry between them. An unknown grant of money, a manipulative stalker, a jealous head cheerleader, and the identity of Scarlett’s father are what stand in the way of this powerful duo. Will they find their way back to each other, or become a lost cause?

“Tainted Rose” reels readers in for a heart-wrenching plot of overwhelming desires, jolting surprises, and a soul-stirring love connection that will keep them invested until the very end. Readers will be gripping the pages and sitting on the edge of their seats as they devour this invitingly creative story of a sexy high school romance between the bully and his girl. Leila James glues the reader’s attention to the story with the constant progression of character development and the complex realm of their intertwined lives. The plot feels a bit rushed as secrets are being unveiled, but the transference from Xander to Scarlett’s POVs opens one’s eyes to both sides of the story, so readers won’t feel completely lost in the train of events. This enthralling tale will leave readers satisfied and awed at the finish!

Austen Grace