The Switch

A.W. Hill,
Nathanael Hill
Young Adult

Jacobus was content with his life. Sure, he wished his parents didn’t fight and that the girl he had a crush on liked him back, but he didn’t have any real complaints. That’s why, when he and his friend Connor pull the switch in the little red house, he is so shocked to suddenly be switched into a universe that is not his own. Traveling from universe to universe, he discovers new pieces of himself along with incredible worlds he couldn’t have ever imagined. With the help of some new and old friends, he must make his way back home, however, the home he’s searching for may not be the same for all of them. Along the way, Jacobus and his friends not only discover the truth about the universe, but in turn, the truth about themselves and the only life they thought they’d ever live. 

“The Switch” is an incredibly inventive telling of the classic science fiction styled book. With excellent world building, or universe building, it’s easy for the reader to feel as if they’re part of Jacobus’ journey traveling through the multiverse. However, there’s a tendency in the book to repeat the same information about how the universe works, and the reader can get bogged down in all the jargon and explanation. Moreover, some characters suddenly seem to know things or have connections to each other that don’t always seem plausible in the world that has been built, including Jacobus’ sudden understanding of what is happening to him very early on in the story. Despite this, the story is still compelling, full of rich detail and complex characters.  

Hannah Hurdle