Swallow the Rainbow

Young Adult

Savannah has secrets eating away at her soul and leading her down a path destined for destruction. Dealing with the devastating loss of her older brother in a fiery car accident, her parent's subsequent divorce, and a painful sport's injury she succumbs to the numbing seduction of pain pills; so her mother decides a move will provide a fresh start. When multiple tornadoes wreak havoc and destruction, Savannah has no way to procure her drug of choice from her dealer and must go through withdrawal with assistance from the boy next door, Nolan. He promises to keep her secret if she promises to try to quit using. Will Savannah be able to resist slipping back to her addiction or will she find the strength to reach out and get the help required for recovery?

"Swallow the Rainbow" is a poignant tale about a young woman's journey through a whirlwind of tragic circumstances leading to her opioid addiction and how a natural disaster blows her towards recovery. Though the tale is told from a young adult's point of view, readers of any age will also be able to empathize and possibly learn a few lessons from the innermost thoughts of an addict. The compelling details given to Savannah's fascination with trees, her passion for soccer, and the death of her brother make her a relatable character readers will ache to comfort. The awkward compassionate maturity of Nolan's boy next door charm will inspire young hearts to sigh. Ms. Chess manages to infuse the painful and complex subjects of survivor's guilt, addiction, loss, and disaster with brilliantly delicate touches of hope, self-discovery, and young love that will touch readers' souls and linger on their hearts.

Tonya Mathenia