The Sunset Prophecy (Love & Armageddon #1)

Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Keelen Grant is a down-on-her-luck actress. She is out of a job and struggling to maintain her relationship with her current boyfriend, boxing prodigy Matthew Nix, when her former lover and up-and-coming artist Logan Drake reenters the picture. But it turns out he isn’t what he seems and fate pulls her into a plot to stop Armageddon. 

Told from several perspectives, the cast of characters come to realize their choices and actions can cause or prevent the end of the world and life itself. This epic, action-adventure, fantasy tale fuses pop culture, myth and satire to highlight the human condition and offer an alternate take on the end of the world.


A whirlwind fusion of Christian, Greek, and roman mythos, "The Sunset Prophecy" uses a large alternating cast of characters to build up the days before Armageddon to the end, with its main perspectives centering on Keelen and her friends. The story may be offensive to readers with decided religious beliefs, but it  does portray a different view on the end of the world without the splashy natural disasters that seem to abound in these stories. However, the characters are rather uninspiring and confusing in their characteristics and identity. The romance is flat and lacks sparks and the theology, while eventually explained, fails to distinguish which side the reader should be cheering for. Still, it is obvious the author has talent.  Fans of Armageddon stories will enjoy this new twist on the idea and appreciate the relatively quick read.


Sarah E Bradley