The Summer of Shambles (Ondine #1)

Young Adult

COMEDY:  Once Upon a Time (well, not really that long ago), in the country of Brugel (only accidently an anagram of Burgle, mind you) there was a girl and a witch and a ferret… 

Psychic Summer Camp might be someone’s idea of a fun time, but it sure isn’t Ondine’s. Scrubbing dishes in the family restaurant has never sounded better! Fleeing heedlessly with nothing but her stuff and Shambles, the ferret- but wait, perhaps the ferret should be explained. It isn’t an ordinary ferret. It’s a speaking ferret. With a Scottish accent. Or, rather, a laird cursed to be a ferret, a while ago, by Ondine’s great aunt. It’s complicated. And it gets even more complicated when intrigues are discovered, a handsome Duke-to-be comes in and Shambles turns into a man and back again…

 Beware, reader! Dangers of reading this furry-tale are many! To list just a few that will make the reader fall completely and helplessly in love with this tale:

  1. The distinct possibility of falling for a laird... and a ferret.
  2. The footnotes are enough to start a footnote revolution... Really, they’re THAT hilarious! 
  3. Searching for Brugel on maps. Not seeing it. Deciding it was hidden by a wizard and the best thing to do is to hike out and find it. 
  4. Laughing until breathing becomes optional. This could possibly prove fatal.

Conclusion? This is a very funny, tongue-in-cheek book that can make for a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon. Is it perfect? Of course not, the plot could’ve been more focused. However, if its goal was to inspire feelings of light-hearted giddiness-it lands right on the mark!

Mimi Smith