Succession (Quest of Fire Book 2)

Young Adult

INSPIRATIONAL:  Raised with status and luxury among the dwarves of Ordumair, Meredoch is the son of the Northern Realm’s Defender, a prospective Knight of the light, and his father’s heir. When longed for peace between Ordumair and their enemies, Ecthelowall, results in the Thane’s death, blame falls on Meredoch’s father, so Meredoch and his family are exiled. As years pass, Meredoch finds hope only in restoring his father’s legacy and claiming his right of succession. When a priceless Ordumair artifact falls into the wrong hands, Meredoch is sent on a quest to retrieve it and make peace with his past. Yet the forces of darkness are racing toward the prize and it will take all of Meredoch’s training to complete his quest in time.

A sweeping adventure, this book is the second in the series but reads like a prequel, giving all the backstory and clarity that was missing in the first book. As the flow of the story is clean and quick, the reader ends up feeling like this is a novella as the end arrives much too soon.  Despite the background given in this book, it should not be read before the first book to prevent spoilers. As a stand-alone, this book has an open ending, alluding to the events of the first book. Still, fans of fantasy adventures, coming of age tales, and far-reaching epic tales will find themselves not only enjoying this book, but reaching for the first book once again. 

Sarah E Bradley