Student Bodyguard for Hire

Young Adult

Peyton Greene’s little brother is being tormented by a group of bullies at Ridgeview High. She sets out to protect him by trying to hire Sam Guerra, the school's most feared individual. Sam knows the consequences of getting involved but can’t help intervene after witnessing it happen himself.  Soon other students want to hire Sam for their protection and he devises a plan for a website with Peyton. As Peyton struggles to keep up with their website, everything starts to fall apart. After learning about Sam’s violent past and present, things get even more complicated as the information compromises their relationship and her reputation. Things get very difficult but Peyton refuses to give up. 


Ms. James coveys a powerful message with her writing:  looks can certainly be deceiving. She has an extraordinary approach of bringing light to bullying; such an important subject.  Readers will not be able to put down this book! The young romance is just so sweet. Ms. James writes in a way that ensures the reader will feel a variety of emotions right along with the characters. The manner in which Peyton and Sam come to understand each other is just so sweet and admiring.  This book is a great tool to teach that one can’t judge a person by what one thinks they know. 


WARNING:  Although this story's characters are Young Adult, the high rating for sexual content should be considered before reading.


Heather Mcguire