Reviews - Young Adult / New Adult

Bellamy and The Brute

PARANORMAL:  Bellamy McGuire knows all about being an outcast.

Dawn on the Road

CHRISTIAN:  Dawn feels trapped by her family’s expectations for her future. She dreams of being a professional photographer and is suddenly given an opportunity to gauge her chances for success when she runs into an old friend. Justin is touring the country on the back of his motorcycle when he sees Dawn again.

SCI-FI/ADVENTURE:  Teenager Saylor MacTavish and her three sisters-by-circumstance run away from Oak Point Girls’ Home right before their caretaker separates them forever.

PARANORMAL:  After escaping the town from hell with their lives mostly intact, Racer, Arloe, and Locke are hiding out in a campsite when the demon known as Coach finds them.

PARANORMAL/SUSPENSE:  When Faye Lithyer moves to Astoria, Oregon to live with her grandmother after her father’s death, her life becomes more complicated that she could have ever imagined.