Reviews - Young Adult / New Adult

PARANORMAL:  Jayne, a senior in high school, is a Goddess of Fate. She hopes that she will have a quiet school year after the previous year’s run in with a serial killer.

Black Dawn

PARANORMAL:  The world of Kiero is under siege by a mad king and Memphis Carter and Brokk Foster are on the losing end.

PARANORMAL:  Josephine has never felt like she fit in, but when her mother finally succumbs to cancer, both Jo and her sister discover why.

The Elect
Laura Wadsworth

DYSTOPIAN:  The Foundation rules Belstrana with an iron fist, controlling citizens with an army of trained child soldiers. Seventeen-year-old August was one of these soldiers.

PARANORMAL:  For centuries Talib, the immortal embodying the element of Judgment, has watched as his fellow immortals were reincarnated over and over again. His job has been to protect them and guide them as they have awakened. However, despite his position as guardian, he has never fully understood his own power or known what his brother Hotan fully planned.