Stepping Stones

Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Onnaleigh Moore is plagued by tragedy after tragedy as her parents face divorce and her brother is killed in a car accident. With grief threatening to destroy her, a boy shows up just when she needs him - but there is something strange about Everett. He knows things about Onna he shouldn’t; things she never said or told anyone else. Even as sparks ignite between them, Onna pushes him away, pegging him as a stalker of some sort. When things get worse, Onna discovers that Everett isn’t a normal boy, and the truth could mean something more terrible is waiting for her.  


An intense YA paranormal read, “Stepping Stones” will have the reader in tears almost from the start as Onna faces awful tragedies. The story is well written and the reader will find themselves caught up as Onna deals with everything to the point of shouting at the book in hopes that will change things. There are quite a few questions left unanswered and few points where the plot seems somewhat murky, however, hopefully the next book will clear those up. Meanwhile fans of darker young adult reads with more than one paranormal element should definitely add this book to their to-read lists!


Sarah E. Bradley