Ian Graham and
Marc A. Hutchins
Young Adult

Teenaged martial arts expert, Macy Davis is not the type to look away if she sees something bad happening in her high school, or anywhere else. She’s the one to do something about it. Comic book artist, Patrick Newell, is smart and too observant for his own good. He can see the dark element hovering behind the scenes in Port Saint Dominic, nudging the city toward deprivation and decay. That careful scrutiny puts a target on his back. When Macy finds a design for one of Patrick’s super-heroes, she believes she’s finally found the way to get Patrick to notice her. With her best friend’s help, she shows up to the school’s Halloween party dressed as Stellar, the female crime-fighter from Patrick’s imagination. Little does she know, a crime fighter is just what Patrick, the school, and the city of Port Saint Dominic need.

Readers looking for an endearing and memorable new heroine, look no further. “Stellar” has equal portions of high school intrigue, mounting mystery, and good old-fashioned heroism. There is some shocking violence, but the plot unfolds at a good pace with interesting characters and dramatically increasing stakes. Macy is a regular hometown girl with no super powers other than her morality and bravery. Her martial arts prowess and courageous drive to protect and defend make her a fresh, fun, and relatable heroine. For a story aimed at early young adult readers, this tale has surprisingly sophisticated story-telling that will keep adults turning pages as well. Readers looking for an action-packed story for the entire family with traditional values and an exciting comic book feel will enjoy this thrilling tale.

Starling Gray