Stairway to Heaven

Young Adult

PARANORAMAL:  Sixteen-year-old child actress Minx never thought she would meet her demise on stage - courtesy of an out-of-control reindeer! When Minx finds herself in Heaven, she’s surprised to find she’s alone. No pearly gates or greetings from St. Peter for her. No, she’s stuck in limbo and fading fast since her courier angel didn't know she'd died! 


This is how Reid, one of Heavens flyers, finds her.  She quickly learns from him that Heaven isn’t all it’s cracked it up to be. Not only can she not look upon Reid for fear of imprinting, there’s sex segregation and three months of orientation! And worse, they’ll never see each other again!


For a debut book, the author definitely brings a flare for description in her writing that helps bring her characters to life. Throughout the story the reader is taken on Minx’s soulful and emotional metamorphosis. One sees her transform from a spoiled and narcissistic teen actress into a thoughtful and compassionate young woman.


The trouble is that through much of the book, Minx and Reid’s time is spent apart, which leaves the reader wishing for more interaction and dialogue between two main characters that the author has so giftedly crafted. Ms. Williams is certainly onto a very promising start with her first book.  Readers will certainly enjoy the journey the author takes one down as she paints a fluid and colorful picture with her rendition of Heaven. A definite must have, worthy of any angel romance collection!


Stephanie Lodes