The Spear Alight: Guardian’s of Erin, Book 4

Young Adult

PARANORMAL: Having endured losing her parents, not knowing where they disappeared to and unable to locate them, Ashling and her friends are slowly losing hope. But as the search continues, supernatural forces come to light and the evil that seems to follow them grows stronger each passing day.  If that weren’t enough, Ashling is also learning about her own powers, what they can do and what limits they have, all while trying to choose between the two men who love her and who hold her heart. It’s a tall task, especially when the answers must be found in the past! But, those answers also come with discoveries that Ashling may not want to learn. As the time grows short, everyone must work together to save not only themselves but Ireland as well.

As the fourth and final installment in this intriguing YA series, “The Spear Alight” rounds up all the various threads, ties them nicely and delivers a happy sigh at the end!  It is not a book that should be read as a standalone, however, as the entire storyline is an extension of past books in the series.  Even so, the reincarnation aspect can get confusing with so many people throughout time becoming all the characters in this age. The story also reads as if a 17 year old is writing it. This is good in that the main character is indeed 17.  Still, some may balk at the simple and basic feel of the experience.  For those who have enjoyed the earlier installments, however, it truly is a lovely way to end a creative story!

Ruth Lynn Ritter