The Spark of a Feudling (Fate on Fire 0.4)

Young Adult

FANTASY:  Ada is tiny, but she is both an Edren and a warrior, an uncommon mixture. She feels the pull of the battle in her very blood. Ada is a sorceress and is learning spells to become an even mightier warrior. Christian, who is a Carules and a healer, is in love with Ada. But theirs is a forbidden love because Ada and Christian come from two very different cultures. Not only that, Christian is a mere stable boy, while Ada is the daughter of a rich nobleman. Ada also loves Charity, Christian’s sister and their mother, her governess. Charity and her mother begin teaching Ada spells for healing as Ada’s father begins teaching Christian spells of evil. Terrible consequences for all are the result of mixing evil magic and that of healing.


This is an action packed novel that will keep the reader’s attention. The characters are very unique and have lots of depth. The reader feels as though they are there, seeing the action as it takes place. The resolution of the story, however, is contrived and doesn’t work with the rest of the novel. This story is very dark and depressing, filled with battles, death, and madness. Good never seems to prevail in this tale of good versus evil. Ada is the strongest character in the story, but like the others, she too, is emotionally unstable. This work evokes a rollercoaster of emotions from the reader as the story unfolds.


Belinda Wilson