Southern Perfection

Young Adult

Raegan Lowery is a heroine who has known great loss, but has also experienced great love. One such love is that of her love for her granddaddy. As her last living relative, Raegan and her granddaddy forged ahead together, making a new family with each other, settling into a comfortable routine while growing a deep, loving, and honest friendship. Raegan lived for years with the sole purpose of making her grandfather and lost family members proud. In fact, she thought living for others was what her life would be - until she laid eyes on Emmett Bridges.  Suddenly, wheels once stuck in monotony started to move again, and Raegan began to live for the first time in thirteen years. However, as most know, with extreme highs in emotions also comes a flipside. 

This is a fun, quick read. With likable characters and a unique setting, “Southern Perfection” comes pretty darn close to perfect. Raegan Lowery is a good girl you can definitely root for. She is kind, popular and hardworking. She also loves with her whole heart, which makes her losses all the more heartbreaking. If there were one constructive comment one could make as a reader, it would be the frequent changes in point of view became bothersome. Though well marked by the author, it felt at times like the reader was ping-ponging hastily through the story instead of enjoying a smoother journey. It was still a powerful read requiring several tissues. 

Amy Willis