Souls Estranged

Anne B.
Young Adult

PARANORMAL/SUSPENSE THRILLER:  Sam and Gretta’s story continues where “Souls Entwined” left off. While Sam can remember what happened in their past life, Gretta cannot. Soon however, bits and pieces of disjointed memories come back to her and she does not know whether they are real or not. One thing Gretta is sure about is that because of a cursed family heirloom, people around her die, and the one person she sees dying is Sam.


This is both a paranormal and time travel romance. The premise is an interesting one because it crosses two genres. Unfortunately, it does not engage the reader at all.  The heroine is prone to many bouts of crying and pessimism and although this is partly caused by an event she blames herself for, she comes out as weak and immature.  The character's reflection, particularly, Gretta's is dry and may not bring out a reader's sympathy for her plight while Sam's perspective is more engaging. The introduction of various names used by the characters in their past lives makes the book confusing for someone who starts reading the second book.  Without any insight of what the first book was about, it may take time for the reader to invest in and understand the story.  And with what feels like a disengaged way of writing, one might just give up.


M.P. Ceja