Song of Destiny

Young Adult

FANTASY: Korrina Lore has a secret. Her voice can kill. She used to love to sing, but now she’s suffocated by fear. After four years of friends and family thinking she is crazy and having become riddled by the trauma, she finally learns the truth. She is a siren straight out of the Greek myths of old. When a talking owl arrives, warning Korrina of the world’s fate if she does not accept her destiny and place amongst the sirens, Korrina is torn. Should she sing, the one thing she promised she would never do again, to save the world? Meanwhile, her best friend Jarred and new kid on the block Luke vie for her attention.

Kris Faryn has cultivated a fascinating drama that readers will not want to put down until every last word is devoured. While sirens are often depicted as mermaids, she takes the classic Greek portrayal of bird women and runs with it, crafting it into a modern high school world in a very believable way. The plot is fast paced and riveting. The story is wrapped up well, tying up loose ends but leaving the reader eager to begin the next book. Korrina has a lot of depth and is very well developed. Some other characters, though interesting, lack the dimensionality that Korrina possesses. But where character dimensionality falls a little flat, world building excels. For the reader who loves YA fantasy with a spunky heroine, Ms. Faryn is a must read.

Shailyn Rogers