Something Great (Something Great #1)

Young Adult

Jeanella thought she had it all figured out. All her wishes seemed to come true just as she finished college: she had an exciting job, a nice boyfriend, good friends… And then Maxwell Knight came into her life and she found out there was so much more out there to want. He makes her crave all those things… And yet...he’s her boss’s son, he’s, by all accounts, a conqueror of women. Why would he be interested in her? How is she supposed to deal with him getting involved in her career? And what about her nice, nice boyfriend?

Caution: “Something Great” may cause extreme excitement, infatuation, elevated temperature and shortness of breath. The sizzling heat between Max and Jenna is one for the ages. Jeanella is a stereotypical shy, blushing, inexperienced girl trying to make it in the world, being seduced by the much savvier, charming man, as is a trend these days. The problem is it almost ended up being the only side of Jenna we got to see (her shy smiles, shy glances, shy looks, shy answers and giggles). More shades and depth of her would be nice. Similarly, Max was put in the role of a seducer and could be seen as nothing more than that. Also, his meddling in her work seemed like abuse of power and his love for her seemed to spring rather fast and easy for someone like him. And, yet, one couldn’t help but cheer for the two of them with the compulsive need to see what comes next.


Mimi Smith