Young Adult

SCI-FI:   Jason Longfellow is a farmer’s son heading off to college.  When he drives into town to buy some things he meets Jennifer Townsend. He can’t believe or forget the electric spark between them!  His parents notice as well.  Later, Jason hears them whispering about “them” and “a secret kept too long”, and he discovers he is not a farmer’s son but a werewolf sent to fosterage in England, and that Jennifer is an elf who has selected Jason as her future mate!  One drop of elfen blood will kill him, and Jason must be sent away.  However, he can hear Jennifer’s voice in his head, and he knows they will meet again. 

At college, Jason meets his werewolf sister Yvette, and finds out that the werewolves and the elves have been allies for centuries, fighting their common enemy, the goblins.  Jennifer and Jason must unite to capture the rune stone, a sacred relic of the elves that bestows long life, stolen by the goblins.  


Silvermoon is a mystical tale of werewolves and elves fighting together to defeat the goblins.  There are a lot of fight scenes which tend to be repetitive and gory, making the story drag.  There are also lots of characters introduced with little explanation, most with several names, which tends to get confusing.  The character’s descriptions are shallow and could use more depth.  However, the ending does not disappoint, and reveals several surprises – a betrayal, an identity, and a truth – drawing the reader in until one cannot help but anxiously await the conclusion to see if Jason and Jennifer defeat the goblins and find a way to spend their lives together.


Victoria Z. Burg