The Silver Sickle

Young Adult

Farissa wears a tracker on her back because at a young age the Amar deemed her a consecrated girl. The Amar are considered goddesses by the people of Dyn but there is something sinister about the aliens and their alliance with the King. Once a consecrated is chosen, she enters the King's harem and though seen at a distance by those visiting the temple at the King's Mount, she is never seen outside the King's Mount again. 


Zel is an apprentice cogsmaker with a reason to prove the alien's intent to harm more than one human. The cogsmen arrived before the Amar over a millennia ago and serve the King but are at constant odds with the Amar. 


Ellie Ann builds a world filled with aliens where humans are not the dominant species. The descriptions are complete without being excessive, allowing the reader room to use their imagination. At times the story falls into chunks of telling rather than the more active showing, leaving the reader wishing they could have been allowed to "see" what happened. The conflict is brought home and defined as more than good versus evil with species and the author guides the reader to either  love or dread it’s characters. The Young Adult reader, as well as the Science fiction enthusiast, will assuredly enjoy the trip into intriguing new world!


Shaunna Gonzales