Silent Song

Ron C.
Young Adult

Alice has been taking the long way home lately. She was lured to this neighborhood by the haunting music coming out of “his” window. She knew her friends would scoff at her for even being around Keith with his dyed hair and painted fingernails but she just can’t keep away from his riveting music. Alice is surprised, however, when she saw him at the try outs for the new school play, “Lady Windermere’s Fan”, and discovers he has been invited by the director to create the score for the play.
Keith knows he doesn’t fit into Alice’s social circle but still, he is drawn to her and is thrilled when she starts to stay after rehearsal to talk to him. Then the music starts to overwhelm him, taking him over to the extent that he can’t stop playing. Alice doesn’t understand what is happening to Keith but it seems as if something has taken over his body and his music. She has to help him come out of this trance.  What was happening to him? Who or what is taking over his playing?
Neito writes a unique and fascinating tale while drawing the reader into the world of high school seniors, complete with all  the petty jealousies, the in-crowd, the outcasts and, of course, young love! The author takes the classic popular girl meets bad boy scenario and weaves it into a riveting read, captivating the reader in a magical and surreal tale of music, love and mystery!

Rose Mary Espinoza