The Sidekick Chronicles, Volume II: A Pirate’s Tale

Young Adult

This short novella sends readers into the unnaturally long and interesting life of a pirate named Rowan Wade. Number two in the chronicles and a part of a larger series, the story gives the history of how a young boy on a ship sometime around the late 17th century hunts down the mutineer who murdered his father in present time. Bent on revenge, Rowan is determined to see the man dead. When a mysterious woman with strange powers of her own shows up to reveal the truth behind his position in the Dark Army, he has to weigh the new information against his life-long desire and decide if the discovery is enough to change his course. 

Author Stacey Rourke weaves a tale of mystery and intrigue that is unique and fascinating. The story does not really stand alone as a tale of its own. There is some interesting backstory on a captivating pirate, which appears to give the series’ readers more depth into a cast of characters. The details of the character’s lives and their roles and places within the war of good and evil are difficult to discern from this story alone, but are enough to stoke a reader’s interest in reading other issues in the installments. The writing is well-done and the story moves at a quick pace. Rourke has created a compelling fantasy story that is well worth looking into, though readers should be advised to start the series at the beginning.

Stephenia McGee