Shimmer (Breathe #2)

Young Adult

Chandler Raines is a teenager on the run. She and her dad frequently leave in the dark of night, from one city to the next leading them to Lafayette, Louisiana. The threat of discovery weighed heavily on every choice and decision she and her dad made…prior to Lafayette. Finding everything she ever wanted and feared she would never have again, Chandler allows herself to live a little by making friends, meeting a handsome and mysterious boy, even joining the cheer squad. She quickly realized that her complacency not only put her life at risk but her father's and new friends as well. With danger closing in on them, can Chandler hold on to her new and improved existence or will she have to fade in to the darkness again? 

Elena Dillon has created a fast-paced, roller-coaster ride of excitement! From things that bump in the night to high-school hijinks and a rousing bout of paintball, this book keeps the reader's attention and thoughts long after the e-reader is plugged in for the night. Rooting for Chandler and her father came easily, almost second nature. A well-formed heroine, Chandler longed for the things most people do - a place to settle down, have a life filled with friends, family, and memories. "Shimmer" has the emotional component paired with impending danger and raising suspense, and Ms. Dillon's well-crafted ride did not disappoint. Here's looking forward to another installment in the Breathe Series!

Amy Willis