Sheltered (The Achlivan Cycle #3)

Young Adult

SCI-FI:  Wicken and Chevelle are adjusting to how their lives have changed, but thankfully they are together.  Timber and Talia are learning how to best fit in on the ship and be of use with their talents.  Timber wants to save those that are left from being directed in every aspect of their lives without thinking for themselves.  Wicken and Chevelle must make a decision if they are going to stay with the Gorgachans to be with family and friends or go back to Earth to rebuild it.  All face major life changes that do not come easy and all have some sort of consequences.


"Sheltered" is the conclusion of the Achlivan Cylce.  The detail given to create two alien ships and their worlds is amazing!  The author accomplishes this through explaining why the two alien societies are fighting with each other. The characters are written with a tremendous amount of depth through the inner monologue the characters have throughout every chapter.  That depth that is given to Wicken, Chevelle and Timber can be overwhelming.  The reader may find it hard to connect to how they feel because what they are experiencing is not something one can relate to with any prior experience.  The details to the settings in the story allow the reader to build a vivid picture in their minds.  The author is gifted in creating alien worlds.


Laura Dinsdale