Shechem’s Legacy (The Will of the Writings, Book II)

Young Adult

INSPIRATIONAL/SUSPENSE THRILLER:  This is an account of the family lineage of Shechem, a man who began his journey in Israel during Biblical times.  Shechem was given a collection of writings by his adoptive father and told to live by the words contained in the writings and pass them along to his family.  Shechem believes wholeheartedly in the words contained in the writings and lives his life in accordance with these scriptures, which grants him and his family the strength and knowledge to overcome an array of trials.  The main character of this second book in the series is Jesse, an idealistic scion of Shechem cast in the role of dealing with his own 21st century problems.  The reader is introduced to this information from the perspective of a futuristic storyteller, passing lessons on to another generation of the family.

One won’t be able to put this book down. It’s an action junkie's dream come true!  This installment could easily have been broken into a trilogy in itself.  Many authors will add filler to do just that, but Watkins obviously has an incredibly unique storyline he wants to progress the reader through.  This is, unfortunately, a weakness in the book also as the reader is left needing greater detail at times to clarify some of the more rapid sequences.  The book contains numerous Biblical references, which Watkins appears to have an extensive working knowledge of.  This might alienate a small portion of readers. Still, it’s a promise after reading this story one will have a greater Biblical knowledge and a desire to pick up a family Bible to conduct one’s own research!

Michael Sawyer