Shattered Silence (Ghostly Rhapsody #2)

Ron C.
Young Adult

Keith and Alice thought they had stopped Beatrice and her deadly song. They thought they were free to enjoy their love and finish high school. They were wrong. While balancing new attention from the student body Keith begins to pursues his musical career, and then weird things start to happen once more. Keith and Alice must race to discover what they missed the first time. But in order for the duo to uncover the truth, they must find an unlikely ally to stop Beatrice once and for all, before someone else dies.


A compelling YA paranormal sequel to “Silent Song”, this novel continues the adventure of outcast musical prodigy Keith and popular and wealthy Alice as they continue their relationship and try to destroy an angry and deadly ghost. Keith and Alice are fun characters with opposite backgrounds but a sweet romance. Readers who read the first book will enjoy the conclusion in “Shattered Silence” as Keith begins to really pursue his music career at Alice’s urging. While the romance lacks any real challenges or growth in this book, much of the tension comes from discovering why Beatrice remains, and who her targets or helpers are. Overall it’s a great conclusion to the adventure beginning in “Silent Song”.

Sarah E Bradley