Shadow of the Hawk

Young Adult

HISTORICAL:  Coaldale is emptying out more and more as the Great Depression ravages the nation. The small community is close knit and composed of families and friends, yet tragedy strikes and divides develop. Sooze is a young girl forced to become an adult as her family faces not just the economic crisis, but a series of tragedies that bring everything to a dramatic conclusion. Yet the end is truly only just the beginning for Sooze and her family. 


A masterful period piece that shows the strength of family and community, “Shadow of the Hawk” is marvelous! Mrs. Jones perfectly captures the mood of a Depression-era community in a lyrical format that is purely breathtaking. The Williams family, in particular young Sooze, is a masterpiece - a picture painted in words of emotion and strength. The characters are vibrant while fitting seamlessly into the muted palette that history provides. The story is so realistic the reader may very well find themselves within pages emotionally, caught up in the drama. Hands down it is equal to, if not better than Steinbeck’s “The Grapes of Wrath”. Readers of all ages will find a character to relate to, a plot aspect to connect to, and an opinion they will stand solidly behind, from start to finish. Hopefully there will be more stories that follow the Williams family into the future. 


Penelope Anne Bartotto