Seventeen Butterflies

Young Adult

Sandy Carrington’s 17th birthday is fast approaching and she is determined to overcome her “never been kissed” status. With her parents leaving for a weekend, Sandy and her friends decide to throw a party and devise the “first kiss project” by inviting all the boys Sandy determines kissable that can help her rid her of that dreaded status. Unfortunately, her parents send her brother home to stay with her while they are away and he brings his hunky college hockey teammate with him. Undeterred, Sandy is determined to follow through with her plan in spite of the handsome young man in her house. But how does one create a memorable kiss when the only person in the room that warrants the butterflies in her stomach is also the very glitch in her plans?

What an absolutely delightful coming of age story! It has all the wonderful aspects every single person who has experienced adolescence will remember with nostalgia and a smile! From her innocent and fresh outlook to her loving older brother who is determined to protect her, this tale shows both the challenges, excitement and beauty of first love and finding oneself. The author has done an exquisite job of inhabiting a teenage mind and imbuing the story with depth and a surprising amount of nuance for a novella length book.  Overall, if one is in the mood for a feel-good escape that leaves a smile on the face and a sigh in the heart, “Seventeen Butterflies” is the perfect indulgence!

Ruth Lynn Ritter