Seeker: The Hunter Saga Book 2

Young Adult

PARANORMAL/SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Hunter, a seventeen-year-old telepath, is working for Talon, a subsection of the CIA. Their mission? Find other telepaths and protect them by having them work with Talon. Talon agents are currently trying to find two telepaths that have not been heard from in several days. One is found dead, the other almost there. Hunter is forced to leave under threat to her friends, taken to the compound and given injections of the serum that is killing other telepaths. . Hunter proves to be resilient, however, and survives. In fact, her powers are increasing and before she realizes it, is being forced to fight for the compound.

This idea and story here is phenomenal and truly sucks its audience in. The characters are unique and quite individualistic, and there are startling plot twists along the way. Only two things keep "Seeker" from utterly amazing: the amount of typos throughout, which is completely distracting and derails the story, and that the book ends in a cliffhanger. There is a perfect ending, but then the story continues after that — which could be better placed at the beginning of the next book. Aside from those couple of items, this a fun read with a dynamic perspective. 

Yannie Sorensen