Secrets of Bennet Hall

Young Adult

After the tragic death of one of her students, Adelaide is desperate for work. Worried that this misfortunate will affect her future job prospects, she takes the first offer she gets as a governess. Working at Bennett Hall, however, is more strenuous than she expected. Her student believes the house is haunted, and the other individuals who live there are cold and unfriendly, leaving Adelaide feeling afraid and more alone than ever. When family comes to visit, Adelaide finds a friend in one of them, Joseph. However, secrets from her past haunt her, and new threats show up around every corner. Soon Adelaide is fighting to save more than just her reputation as her life is also on the line.

“Secrets of Bennet Hall” will leave readers on their toes with each turn of the page. With such a suspenseful story, one will get chills of delight and fear while reading it. Moreover, the characters are so well written that readers will be able to relate to them, feeling especially strong emotions for Adelaide in her perilous situation. One issue the book has, however, is its tendency to drag occasionally, leaving readers wishing the pace was just a bit faster at times. Despite this, the story ends with a plot twist to die for, causing readers to wonder how they did not see it coming all along.

Hannah Hurdle