Second String Savior: From the Tome of Bill Universe (False Icons Book 1)

Rick Gualtieri,
R.E. Carr
Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Jessie is just an ordinary anime-comic-book loving teenage girl. When she meets Gary, she feels a kinship and forms a quick friendship with him. Gary happens to have some information about  her “crush”—the guy likes redheads. So, Jessie dyes her hair thinking nothing of it. Unfortunately, the dye turns her hair a bright flaming red. Suddenly Jessie has become “the chosen one” picked to form a peace with Sasquatches and vampires. Instead Jessie is thrown into an all-out war between the paranormal creatures she is attempting to protect. Can Jessie stop the battle before things get out of hand and more deaths happen, or will she end up losing everything?  

This is a fun fantasy story told with a bit of slapstick, snarky humor that not only will keep one laughing at the characters’ antics but cringing at the follies of teenage life! In places, supernatural creatures, paranormals, and comics are all jam-packed into the story, but the characteristics of each type of creature aren’t well fleshed out. At least, the story does mention what type of being is present. Many side plots appear with no resolution, and unfortunately, the story is a bit long-winded making it drag occasionally. The plot also tends to jump around, rarely staying with one idea for long, giving readers the feeling of whiplash. The story’s flaws aside, Jessie, the angst filled teenage heroine, is pretty easy to identify with. She doesn’t want to be classified as a savior, and fights it, but manages to be one anyway. All in all, “Second String Savior” is a pleasing book fantasy lovers will adore!

Roslynn Ernst