Sea of Memories (Never Forgotten)

Young Adult

PARANORMAL/ANTHOLOGY:  Meara and Kieran share the stories of their families as they swim Nova Scotia, then on to Scotland for their two wedding ceremonies. Kieran’s mother’s story is told by Kieran as a bittersweet tale of a love lost between his selkie parents and the love his mother found with a human she saved from the ocean. Meara reveals the story of her life with her mother and what it was like growing up without her father. She also tells her father’s story of why he wasn’t in her life. These stories helped the two of them bond even closer together. The last story is how Ula, queen of the Blue Men, throws a big Christmas celebration for Meara. This celebration is foreign to both the selkies and the Blue Men.


This is a novella collection and the fourth novel in the Never Forgotten series. Although read as a stand-alone, this novel would be much more enjoyable if read after “Always Remembered”, the third novel in the series. It explains so much of the content in this book. Meara is well developed with multiple layers to her personality. Kieran is also a strong, perceptive person. The secondary characters tend to fade into the background in all four of the novellas. Ms. Risser has developed a beautiful world for the selkies and it is easy to visualize their paradise.


Belinda Wilson