Scourge of the Red Dragon

R. D.
Young Adult

FANTASY:  A heroic tale of chivalry with an evil dragon, a kingdom in peril, and a strapping young hero named Tyler. We join Tyler two years after his escape from Savage Island after defeating Vileroth in a ‘game world’. Tyler returns home and believes he can resume being a normal kid with his brother and family, playing baseball with his dad, and attending school. When Tyler wakes up on a deserted beach, alone, he soon finds out that he will never be just a typical kid. Seeking shelter, he enters a cave where he encounters Thraxus, The Red Dragon and a new adventure begins.


The author has constructed a thrilling tale of teenage adventure and fantasy. He seems to be caught up with his own emotions of right and wrong, family and friends, however, and the tale becomes slightly moralistic with dialogue and characters that are a little too good to be true. The settings, which begin in San Diego and then slip into another realm, are fine, but the story feels disjointed and the plot unbalanced. Teenagers who are involved in the gaming world and like adventure, a thrill ride of fun, and excitement will enjoy this book.

L. Kane