The Scent of Rain

Young Adult

Rose Madsen grew up believing her community’s closed polygamous lifestyle is the only way to heaven.  But each time she questions even simple things her mother’s response is a harsh beating, or worse.  Compliance with their prophet is expected without complaint but when the prophet returns from a stint in prison and demands the killing of any pet or animal not necessary for survival, Rose rebels.  Running away to the outside world is her only option.

Adan Reyes is on the run from a foster care situation, determined never to return.  He is found by Trak, a kind man who shelters and cares for him.  Adan notices a pretty young girl wearing a long dress running nearby and is intrigued.  Thus begins the unraveling of secrets and horror few take the time to consider!

Anne Montgomery is a gifted writer who tells a chillingly, sad story revolving around cult polygamists and the dangers that exist when total isolation and devotion to one man is mandatory.  Unfortunately, the author sensationalizes this disjointed story by throwing in every horrible, despicable act possible — from child and sexual abuse to battery, violence, murder, and extreme cruelty to animals.  This is done in the most emotionally charged terms possible, leaving the reader wondering if it is truly a believable story or a soap-box meant to shock and disgust.  Concentrating on a couple of the strongest offenses and weaving them into a more cohesive story would have created a highly impactful treatise that readers wouldn’t forget.

Ruth Lynn Ritter/L. Kane