Scars of the Earth

C. S.
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Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Amanda is a healer.  She is accustomed to falling into nightmares; she has witnessed terrible things ever since she could remember, horror scenes that an innocent child’s mind should never have to process. Life as a healer had three rules: Never question the Ancients. Never stay in a Scar that has a demon. And never fall in love. Unfortunately for Amanda, she broke all three.

An exciting, fast-paced, paranormal romance adventure!  Scars of the Earth is a totally new spin on the paranormal that is basically a little bit Ghost Whisperer a little overthrow-the-evil-ruling-council, and a little bit romance. The characters are intriguing and the plot has many twists and turns.   Although some of the plot twists are predictable,  Amanda’s overall unrealized abilities, combined with Cole’s love, and Armaan’s dedicate and humor make this a great YA read for both teens and adults. Readers might particularly enjoy the presence of Amanda’s mentor, who does not simply send her off on her own to deal with a world changing quest, but is more like Gandalf in this adventure. Readers will eagerly look forward the sequel and finding out just what Ancients are, more about Saphira, and seeing Nell again. A great new read!


Sarah Bradley